Greater Baton Rouge Unemployment rates in other Parishes also appears to have jumped as well.

From Baton Rouge Business Report,

“Though the number of people employed in the Baton Rouge metro area rose by about 3,000 between June 2011 and last month, the unemployment rate nonetheless rose 0.3% over the year to 8.7% as of June, according to the latest figures from the Louisiana Workforce Commission. The increase in the unemployment rate is due to the rising number of people joining the labor force. The number of unemployed increased to 33,572 in the Baton Rouge area in June, from 31,883 in June 2011.”

“Unemployment rates within each parish included in the Baton Rouge metro area are as follows in June: East Baton Rouge Parish, 8.6%; Ascension, 7.7%; Livingston, 8.2%; East Feliciana, 9.8%; Iberville, 12.3%; Pointe Coupee, 10.9%; St. Helena, 14.1%, West Baton Rouge, 9.1%; and West Feliciana, 10.2%.”

Published Jul 26, 2012 at 10:00 am (Updated Jul 26, 2012)

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